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Two sisters and ancient Georgian songs

Ven. Gendun

How lucky can one be, if you have two sisters in their eighties giving you a concert of ancient Georgian songs about Jesus and Mother Mary!

My mother always recited another one: “O Lady of Mental Peace, Mother of Tranquility and Mother of Hope, look upon me in this time of my weakness and unrest. Teach my searching heart to know that God’s Love for me is unchanging and unchangeable, and, that true human love can only begin and grow by touching His Love. Let your gentle Peace –which this world cannot give –be always with me. And, help me to bring this same Peace into the lives of others. Our Lady of Mental Peace, pray for me!” 

We might differ in our philosophy, but the sentiment is unmistakably similar to those expressed in the Tara praises. In Orthodox Christianity in fact a story about Guanyin (the Chinese female form of Avalokiteshvara) and Mother Mary got interwoven, where it is said that where God judges and punishes sinners, Mary descends to hell every day to defend their case to God as though they were her children. 

When we are vulnerable, we all need someone to acknowledge us and show that we are allowed to get up again and make up for our mistakes.

Ven Gendun with Georgian Woman
Ven Gendun with Georgian Woman