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Manita Roose

Amrita, we have very safe lives compared to other parts of the world. Which is great because we can practice equanimity with small inconveniences. Like: I replied to your post and it’s not there. So I reply again and differently.

I totally agree that most of our problems can be solved relatively easily, like making a phone call to let people know that you will be late.
My point is that when something happens like a train that doesn’t go and you have no idea at what time they will be going again. That’s very inconvenient but not life threatening. That kind of situations are excellent for training patience and remembering equanimity, not getting stuck in frustration but getting in touch with what happens in mind and body.
We only have our own lives in the present and we are blessed with the fact that we have the Buddhist teachings that help us overcome attachment and ill will and so on.

I think we mean the same thing but that we are using different words to express ourselves.
Enjoy the weekend.