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Amrita Klop

Dear Manita, Some questions and add-on
Training patience and remember equanimity is already very wholesome.
Some questions on above if I may ask:
Do you mean by “words that have been written are not there anymore” you are not responsible for anymore and it doesn’t have an effect any longer, cause it’s not in the present moment?
Or just changing your view and so your reply from moment to moment or the like?
Thinking what someone else thinks – whether it is positive or negative – can you do that?
Mostly I can not observe everything what I think in one day. Therefore I do not know what I think all the time, my intention behind it, etc. Not to mention what others are thinking l.
Bodhisattva’s have a clear view in the mind of everyone: they know what everybody is thinking and the meaning of it.
I say this with a bit perhaps a bit discourage? Around me I see so much of “filling in” what others think. And this is a mistakes. Not only that but also a reaction towards what that they think, others are thinking. Which is their “truth” in that moment in time, based on air. One step back is a curious attitude. I have to understand what is meant by someone else’s words to even be in a respectful dialogue in the right way. Otherwise no justice is done towards the other person in communication.

Last add on – insight reflection in what small inconveniences does to you is already a big step and therefore training ground indeed.
Nevertheless – the reaction I wrote was in response to awful dead’s like Hitler did to others and a great compassion showend towards such deeds and this person. Something like real persons on this earth, like Mahatma Ghandi, Navalny, etc. did. To be honest – I look up to such Great Examples. Giving Love, giving Compassion, giving Respectful dialogue in the worst circumstances in live, created by others. For me – This is a whole other level and can therefore not be compared with “my own small inconveniences” and/or “the way we think is the same, but we use other words”.
Nevertheless, I agree – small inconveniences are great practice grounds and is already such a beautiful movement.