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Manita Roose

My first reply vanished. I didn’t take it away, maybe I didn’t press “submit”. I don’t know why but there’s a logical explanation, I’m sure.
So it wasn’t there, but you added another reply so I just gave a new and not identical answer. Nothing wrong with the first one, except that it had disappeared.
My point is that we can look back at awful deeds by Hitler (or Stalin or slave traders) but we don’t have the direct experience of their deeds.
My opinion (feel free to have a different view) is that we can look back on what we know happened to other people and see ignorance in the agressors.
Not saying it’s completely irrelevant.
But our own experience in our own lives is our material to work with. And we’re so privileged that we are not facing Hitler, we are not shipped to another part of the world without any rights, we have the relatively freedom to do with our lives as we wish. Want to study Buddhism? We’re free to do so. We don’t get bombed, we don’t have to find or offer shelter to people who are in great danger. We can feel compa for everyone who once lived. But can you feel compassion for yourself and every single person you meet? To be honest, for me it’s growing but not there 24/7. For me, that is where I need to pay attention to. For you it can be different, im not trying to convince you to do anything different.