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Amrita Klop

A bit add on to Silvie’s writing, flagellating is extreme. Now, it is good to contemplate on things which we could have done better. Purification with the 4 opposites. Try to be the middle way. It is good to do things for others. Nonetheless if we want to grow on this Path we have to keep our intentions in mind and ask ourselves if we can only do things for certain people/beings.
For example it is not hard to stroke a cute dog, but a street dog with wounds we might find difficult. One of our Teachers pulled out His Tong for one off those dogs to reduce the dogs suffering. An other example: if you have decided to carpool with someone, but then decide you rather pick up someone else and rejoice in that, then we have to ask ourselves if this is a healthy way of (self)compassion. Hopefully it is helpfully in some way.