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Sande R Waybill

When I started studying Buddhism, about 20 years ago, I had left behind a Christian upbringing and had also spent a few years inwardly contemplating reality after finding myself unable to identify with my parental religion. One of the first things I told my late teacher was that I found most parts of Buddhism matched what I myself had found in my investigations, which is why I was interested in learning everything I could about Buddhism. I did however have one problem. Buddhism did not recognise the soul. At that stage, I did not recognise a Western/Christian style soul. To me, ‘soul’ meant the deepest innermost level of my minds – truth/wisdom/knowledge/reality, as opposed to superficial minds dealing with thought, emotion, and sensing. Coming from that viewpoint into Buddhism, I found it easy to accept that there was an ever-changing level of mind that was labeled ‘mental continuum’, as the other levels of mind obviously did change – such as thought, emotion, sensings, etc. My only struggle was working out how come such as reality/truth/wisdom changed because these seemed like rocks as to the waters of other mind levels.