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      Amrita Klop

      On this day of Sawa Daka I praise my Boeddha Shakyamuni, The Victorious One Gone to Bliss. Incomparable Wise One. Because of Him may we all have the wish to free every sentient being from suffering and the causes of suffering.
      I would also speak of my respect & gratitude for Bodhisattva’s & Mahatma Ghandi.
      It was my forefather Atisha who brought the precious Dharma to Tibet. And it was Mahatma Ghandi who freed India from the Britans by His incomparable non violent politic way of behaving. And He succeeded.
      If it wasn’t for Ghandi India would not have been free, the Dalai Lama and his followers would not have come to India and the Dharma would not have been spread worldwide as it is today.

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