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      Amrita Klop

      Hi Manita, thanks for ur message. Beautiful that life offers you multiple opportunities to remember that. And I agree – (for as far as I can see now) – till we are arahats the process of growing continues. A part of what ur saying is a bit recognisable. Nonetheless Ven. Gendun and the Dharma teaches us to live in the present moment and except the present moment treuly as it is. The present moment how it reveals in daily live: it is always good enough. Pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. In the end all is emptyness. Thats the goal of quite a bit of us meditators. It is also what we are going to have a little touch or taste on in “in depth meditation training”. This is how I think the teaching would approach: “we have to start what we are dealing with”.

      In respons to:
      We have to start with what we are dealing with. It’s hard enough (for me) to remember the teachings in the turmoil of work, when trains are delayed, when things don’t go to my liking.
      It’s something that goes on nonstop. Every day offers multiple opportunities to remember equanimity and my motivation.

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      Amrita Klop

      Hi Manita – Pherhaps a little add-on to above writings.
      While a train is delayed, thinking: ok a train is delayed. It is not a big disaster when my train is delayed in terms off: I still have food, water, etc. Maybe some action is required: call my manger/boss or … to let them know I am late and continue observing what is going on inside me.
      Observing, taking responsibility, sometimes some action is required and back to observing what is inside of me. Hopefully it is helpful for you. If not let me know. Enjoy ur day!

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      Manita Roose

      Amrita, we have very safe lives compared to other parts of the world. Which is great because we can practice equanimity with small inconveniences. Like: I replied to your post and it’s not there. So I reply again and differently.

      I totally agree that most of our problems can be solved relatively easily, like making a phone call to let people know that you will be late.
      My point is that when something happens like a train that doesn’t go and you have no idea at what time they will be going again. That’s very inconvenient but not life threatening. That kind of situations are excellent for training patience and remembering equanimity, not getting stuck in frustration but getting in touch with what happens in mind and body.
      We only have our own lives in the present and we are blessed with the fact that we have the Buddhist teachings that help us overcome attachment and ill will and so on.

      I think we mean the same thing but that we are using different words to express ourselves.
      Enjoy the weekend.

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      Amrita Klop

      Hi Manita, thank u for replying.
      I can make the (hart) connection with what u are saying. Except the fact that “we” only have our own life in the preset. The letting go of the “I” in meditation and the mantra “for other, for others, for others” helped me early in life to let go of “Me”.
      Now – when I speak, I give my few and that’s always to discussed, cause I am a student.
      I can say – much more is going on in the present moment then just “my life”. For me – in the present moment I am connected to so much more then what I can see and know now.

      Thank you for your wish andenjoy your weekend as well!

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      Amrita Klop

      Dear Manita, Some questions and add-on
      Training patience and remember equanimity is already very wholesome.
      Some questions on above if I may ask:
      Do you mean by “words that have been written are not there anymore” you are not responsible for anymore and it doesn’t have an effect any longer, cause it’s not in the present moment?
      Or just changing your view and so your reply from moment to moment or the like?
      Thinking what someone else thinks – whether it is positive or negative – can you do that?
      Mostly I can not observe everything what I think in one day. Therefore I do not know what I think all the time, my intention behind it, etc. Not to mention what others are thinking l.
      Bodhisattva’s have a clear view in the mind of everyone: they know what everybody is thinking and the meaning of it.
      I say this with a bit perhaps a bit discourage? Around me I see so much of “filling in” what others think. And this is a mistakes. Not only that but also a reaction towards what that they think, others are thinking. Which is their “truth” in that moment in time, based on air. One step back is a curious attitude. I have to understand what is meant by someone else’s words to even be in a respectful dialogue in the right way. Otherwise no justice is done towards the other person in communication.

      Last add on – insight reflection in what small inconveniences does to you is already a big step and therefore training ground indeed.
      Nevertheless – the reaction I wrote was in response to awful dead’s like Hitler did to others and a great compassion showend towards such deeds and this person. Something like real persons on this earth, like Mahatma Ghandi, Navalny, etc. did. To be honest – I look up to such Great Examples. Giving Love, giving Compassion, giving Respectful dialogue in the worst circumstances in live, created by others. For me – This is a whole other level and can therefore not be compared with “my own small inconveniences” and/or “the way we think is the same, but we use other words”.
      Nevertheless, I agree – small inconveniences are great practice grounds and is already such a beautiful movement.

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      Manita Roose

      My first reply vanished. I didn’t take it away, maybe I didn’t press “submit”. I don’t know why but there’s a logical explanation, I’m sure.
      So it wasn’t there, but you added another reply so I just gave a new and not identical answer. Nothing wrong with the first one, except that it had disappeared.
      My point is that we can look back at awful deeds by Hitler (or Stalin or slave traders) but we don’t have the direct experience of their deeds.
      My opinion (feel free to have a different view) is that we can look back on what we know happened to other people and see ignorance in the agressors.
      Not saying it’s completely irrelevant.
      But our own experience in our own lives is our material to work with. And we’re so privileged that we are not facing Hitler, we are not shipped to another part of the world without any rights, we have the relatively freedom to do with our lives as we wish. Want to study Buddhism? We’re free to do so. We don’t get bombed, we don’t have to find or offer shelter to people who are in great danger. We can feel compa for everyone who once lived. But can you feel compassion for yourself and every single person you meet? To be honest, for me it’s growing but not there 24/7. For me, that is where I need to pay attention to. For you it can be different, im not trying to convince you to do anything different.

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      Amrita Klop

      Dear Manita – thanks for your respond.
      Yes indeed – I have very different life experiences. Based on your above writings, no such of comparisons between ur life or mine can be made.
      When undergoing attacks on life, not have food and water: it goes beyond words like “privilege” not to have faced such experiences.
      In my early life I had some Great Examples which I used to face and overcome awful deeds.
      That’s why I don’t feel you can say “we”.
      Your “we” does not include me.
      That’s why the above about “filling in for others, letting go of the Me”, etc. is writing in respect for you.
      And also why sometimes I like to talk about Love, Compassion, etc. on a deep level and respond to messages which connect to my heart.
      Have a good week, hopefully no trains are delayed and enjoy idmt!

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      Manita Roose

      Amrita, I really think we are saying the same thing. I hope to meet you in person someday and we can talk a bit more. I won’t put my life story on internet. But I can say that my life hasn’t always been sugarcoated. Right now, I live in The Netherlands, have a job and I have a comfortable life.
      And I hope that goes for you too. And that despite all hardship you have experienced in your life and maybe even today, that you can go back to your inner happiness or as Ven Gendun called it the first meditation sessions: the eye of the storm.
      Looking forward to meeting in person someday.

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      Amrita Klop

      Manita – we are so not saying the same thing.
      In fact there is no such thing of two people thinking, feel and intent exactly the same thing at the same time. That is impossible, cause we are conditioned. Hopefully you want to read my words above over and over again as it is, not your few towards them: to understand what is written by me. And read your respond (words) towards my words as it is and see the difference in thinking. Let the words settle, give it (some) time, perhaps meditate on it and use the tools which have been given to you and learn a bit from it, to make you even more beautifuler. Enjoy your day!

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