Peaceful vs equanimous meditation

Ven. Gendun

We often have the idea that meditation should be peaceful, that no thoughts or disturbances should occur. Although some can be reasonably good at suppressing thought, this is not a productive path, for it can lead to clinging and fear of that which we have suppressed. Serenity is simply the fruit of equanimity, whether there is disturbance or not. It is the observance that the clear and knowing mind is always spacious, mirror-like, silent, and impermanent, revealing all objects as coming and going.

We lose our footing when we grasp the passing thoughts and images, like kites fluttering in the wind. Mindfulness is the rope that leads us back to stillness. We cannot undo what has already arisen, be that a sensory object or thought, but we can choose to let it in peace, not to grasp or reject it. We just remind ourselves of the breath, our rope. This equanimous attitude in time will reveal our unskillful emotions as they are: illusions. With that realization their attraction disappears by itself without you having to fight them. Seeing and knowing.